What We Offer: Business Payroll and HCM Solutions

Tailored Payroll and HR Solutions

GTM is an established leader in the payroll industry, with over 300 combined years of experience.  Our SOC-1-compliant independent payroll service, combined with our industry-leading software provides you with a secure and compliant payroll and tax solution.

We offer the following business services:

Payroll and Tax for Small Businesses

GTM’s payroll platform eases the burden on small business owners that don’t have the time or staff to handle payroll responsibilities.

Payroll and Tax for Mid-Large Businesses

Personally tailored payroll and tax solutions including consulting services, management tools, and reports.


GTM provides affordable options, advice, and valuable information.

Workers’ Compensation and Disability Insurance

Required by law – GTM provides competitive and pre-qualified options.

Time and Attendance

Manage time, attendance, and labor with our solutions to fit your business.

Labor Poster Compliance

Ensure your business stays compliant and your employees know their rights.

HCM Solutions

Our labor management tool is a powerful, full-featured Payroll-HCM platform that allows payroll clients to manage all relevant HR information in one convenient, centralized location.

Human Resources

Expert advice, information, and assistance to legally handle all employee relations issues.

Background Checks

Instant and affordable to protect you and your business.


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Free Download: The Complete Guide to Small Business Payroll

Complete Guide to Small Business Payroll

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