New York Paid Family Leave

Most private employers in New York State with one or more employees are required to obtain Paid Family Leave (PFL) insurance.

Employees can use the benefit to:

  • Bond with a newborn, adopted or foster-care child during the first 12 months after birth or placement
  • Care for a seriously ill family member
  • Address important needs related to a family member’s military service

Employees pay for PFL benefits through a small payroll deduction, which is a percentage of their wages up to an annually-set cap. Employers may choose to cover the cost themselves.

Why Should You Obtain NY PFL Insurance through GTM

GTM Payroll Services offers New York Paid Family Leave for our clients’ convenience. Our affiliate company, GTM Insurance Agency​, can help employers obtain PFL insurance and other employer-provided insurance.

Obtaining NY PFL through GTM means you can integrate PFL insurance with your payroll and enjoy:

  • Streamlined administration
  • Simplified processes
  • Centralized reporting

This integrated approach ensures accurate calculations, cost-efficiency, and employee privacy. It enhances employee confidence, communication, and overall experience, promoting a supportive work environment.

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