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Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors

A Cornell University study had estimated the average unemployment insurance taxable wages that was left underreported due to employers misclassifying workers as independent contractors was $4.28 billion for the state of New York alone.

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Best Practices for Laying Off Employees

If letting employees go is not done properly, employers can quickly increase their risks for wrongful termination lawsuits. Therefore, it’s important to follow best practices for laying off employees.

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Banning Cell Phones and Recordings at Work

Banning cell phones and audio/video recordings at work are issues that have been the subject of recent litigation, and employers may be wondering what the legalities are and the limitations of banning such recording devices.

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Student Loan Repayment Benefit

With more college graduates entering the workforce and more of them graduating with substantial debt, some companies are enticing prospective employees with a student loan repayment benefit.

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Accommodating Pregnant Employees

It’s no small task trying to replace someone during a medical leave, but accommodating pregnant employees is something all employers must try to do. Never assume a pregnant employee will want to leave their job immediately.

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Six Tips for Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements, if your business feels it needs them, need to be carefully written so they protect your business and don’t cause more headaches. Here are six tips for non-compete agreements.

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Debit Card and Direct Deposit Regulations Revoked

The New York State Department of Labor’s new regulations on paying employees via debit cards or direct deposit were set to take effect on March 7, 2017. Last week, the New York Industrial Board of Appeals revoked those regulations.

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