Automated Timekeeping Solutions

Wage and labor laws are always changing, and businesses need to adjust and adapt in order to comply with law changes and keep growing. One way to not only stay compliant but to also reduce labor costs is with our two automated timekeeping solutions.


iSolved Time

Take the hassle out of collecting, tracking, and reporting time

If you’re manually tracking employee time or using a third-party solution to manage your time and attendance, you need to see what a difference our HCM time and attendance module can make. iSolved®  fully integrates with the other features, which means no more exporting, importing, or duplicate data entry. All of your time-tracking needs are managed right within the system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Drag, move, copy, and change time
  • Easy allocation of hours
  • Daily, weekly, or pay period view
  • Time card alerts
  • Single screen view with hours totals and earning codes
  • Mobile Punch GPS Data
  • Only setup data once as everything is from one data source
  • See earnings codes on check stubs
  • Easy payroll closing at the click of a button in just minutes
  • Comp time management

Get real-time access to your time and attendance data.

You’ll be surprised at the savings you’ll get with a fully integrated HCM solution. But don’t take our word for it – use this HCM ROI calculator to see how much you can save each year by using our HCM solution instead of doing it all on your own.

Request a free consultation and demo to learn more about how this technology can help your business grow.


TimeWorks Plus

Cut Labor Costs, Reduce Errors, Stay Compliant

TimeWorks Plus automated timekeeping technology is a powerful resource for businesses, both large and small. It is designed to offer exceptional convenience and to substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of administration and labor. What most business owners don’t realize is that an automated timekeeping solution will often not only pay for itself year after year, but will also generate immense additional savings.

Save Time with Mobile Timekeeping
TimeWorks Mobile allows you to manage labor costs for your remote employees, manage time-off requests, clock employees in and out, use GPS to pinpoint location stamps on mobile punches, contact employees directly from the app, and more.

Scheduling System Keeps Everything Simple
TimeSimplicity, an add-on feature of the TimeWorks Plus system, allows you to easily create schedules with drag-&-drop user interface, get real-time notifications via email and texting, change schedules on-the-fly, attach certifications/qualifications to employee profiles, and much more. This cloud-based software eliminates messy, hand-written schedules that change almost as fast as you post them, letting you quickly identify gaps in coverage before it’s too late.

Learn more about the features of TimeWorks Plus, and schedule a free demo!

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