Privacy Policy

Your Privacy & Security is Our Top Priority

GTM Payroll Services respects your privacy. Due to the confidential nature of the services we perform, we are required to manage and process your information with security and privacy as the cornerstone of our operating procedures. This Privacy Statement informs you of our privacy practices and the ways your information is collected and how that information is used. This statement is readily available on our home page and at the bottom of every GTM Web page.

Collection of Personal Information

In order to do our work accurately and properly, we at GTM need certain personal information from you, the customer. That information may include your:

  • name(s)
  • address
  • social security number(s)
  • credit card number
  • e-mail address
  • your employee’s name
  • your employee’s address
  • your employee’s social security number
  • other such information necessary to carry out our services

In providing this information to us, you have tacitly consented to our use of that information. In the event that your information changes (such as your address) you must let us know, so that we may avoid errors as a consequence of incorrect data. You may update your information by contacting us directly at 518.373.4111 or email us at

How We Use Your Information

GTM Payroll Service takes great care to assure you your personal data is kept confidential. We utilize state of the art encryption technology to safeguard all personal information, and industry-standard payment and security systems. Our document handling procedures include precise security and on-site document destruction. In some instances, GTM may use name and address information solely for marketing purposes associated with GTM’s business (GTM marketing information), which may include allowing temporary access of GTM marketing information by a third party. Unless GTM has entered into a formal agreement with a third party regarding the sharing of certain information you provide, beyond GTM marketing information, such information will not be shared with any individual or organization outside GTM. In the event that GTM has entered into such a formal agreement with a third party, you will be advised of the agreement and the possibility that certain information you provide may be disclosed to the third party. In all other cases, such information is only disclosed to third parties (1) as required by law, (2) in response to a subpoena or court order, and (3) as directed by you. You may find a cookie or cookies on our website. These cookies are meant to provide you with data and to improve or enhance the browsing experience of our site, and to aid us in determining user preferences. Under no circumstances will cookies be used by GTM to retrieve data from your hard drive or to obtain any information concerning your e-mail address or other personal information which you have not provided. You may receive e-mails from us, from time to time, which may enhance our service to you. It may take the form of products we think would interest you, or information in connection with performing our services. All email communications that you receive from GTM will be provided in accordance with this statement.

Contacting Us

We value your opinions. If you have comments or questions about our privacy statement, please send them to, or write to us at the following address:

GTM Payroll Services
7 Executive Park Dr.
Clifton Park, NY 12065

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