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​What is a Cultural Review?

A cultural review provides employee feedback on your organization’s strengths, opportunities for improvement, and recommendations for continued future success.

The review is accomplished by speaking with your employees to gain perspective on the inner dynamics of your organization. The questions provide insight into what your workers are happy about, and where progress can be made.

Cultural reviews can be done company-wide or designed for specific departments within your organization.

Sample questions may include:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?
  • Hypothetically, if you were to quit tomorrow, what would your reason be?
  • If you were given the chance, would you reapply to your current job?
  • Does the organization’s leadership contribute to a positive work culture?

Companies are then provided with a detailed report containing findings and recommendations, based on HR best practices and organizational structure.

Who Should Use a Cultural Review?

If your business is experiencing a high rate of turnover, complaints from your staff about managers and supervisors, or just a feeling that something isn’t working within your organization, a cultural review can be valuable.

Conducting an internal survey of your employees can provide some insight, but many employees are reluctant to be completely honest when responding to a supervisor or colleague.

A non-biased third party survey will have greater success in getting in-depth feedback on your what your company is doing well, and what areas need to be the focus of improvement.

Benefits of GTM’s Cultural Review Service

Having a broad perspective of your company culture that includes feedback from all of your employees allows you to improve practices, reduce turnover, and boost productivity.

Our HR consultants will come to your office to do face-to-face, confidential interviews with your staff. For employees that work remotely, interviews can be done virtually.

When GTM’s experts conduct a cultural review at your organization, we’ll provide:

  • A comprehensive report on your strengths and opportunities
  • A thorough understanding of your work environment and what your employees are experiencing on the job
  • Insight into what your company excels at and what your employees value
  • Peace of mind to your employees that they can answer the questions honestly without fear of retaliation or retribution
  • Specific recommendations for managers and supervisors
  • Specific recommendations for procedures and policies

Armed with these insights, you can implement actions that lead to a happy, productive, and innovative workforce that drives performance and revenue.

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