Leave Management Administration

GTM’s Leave Management Administration service helps plan, track, and handle employee leaves, including administration, compliance with federal and state leave laws, claims management, return-to-work support, and reporting. The service is delivered via a secure, cloud-based solution and backed by a dedicated team of specialists who are SHRM Certified and FMLA Certified professionals.

Why Outsource Leave Management Administration?

Leave management administration is a time-consuming and complex process. Letting GTM handle your leave management administration means you will:

  • Control your costs
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Alleviate your administrative burden
  • Mitigate risk to the company
  • Reduce absenteeism/abuse
  • Streamline your leave processes
  • Receive robust reporting
  • Improve the employee experience and increase productivity

GTM’s leave specialists can assist with:

  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
    • Tracking medical certifications
    • Keeping compliant with all FMLA paperwork, assisting with eligibility requirements
    • Tracking employees during intermittent leave and return
    • COVID-19 tracking
  • ADA Guidance
    • Accommodation Requests
    • Fitness for Duty
  • Short Term Disability
    • Interface with DBL carriers
    • Full Disability case management
  • Other Paid Leave
    • Interface with PFL carriers
    • Full PFL case management
    • Other Federal and State paid leave management
    • Tracking intermittent leave
  • Other HR Services
    • Return-to-Work policies and procedures
    • Light Duty policies and procedures
    • Termination Guidance
    • Managerial Training
    • Leave Policies and procedures

How Our Leave Management Administration Service Works

A leave specialist will be assigned to your business, available to employees Monday- Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST and can be contacted via online 24/7 self-service portal, email, or phone. The leave specialist will:

  • Provide employees with FMLA/Disability/PFL/ADA paperwork (as applicable)
  • Distribute all required notices
  • Stay in continuous contact with employees throughout leave
  • Consult with client’s HR department on FMLA approval/denial
  • Track leave status and utilization in GTM’s technology solution
  • Coordinate all leave benefits when employees go unpaid in the payroll system
  • Submit disability/ paid family leave/ WC claims to carriers
  • Follow-up with carrier(s) for approval/denial of claim/case updates
  • Send FMLA designation notices to employee
  • Communicate with client’s HR department and/or employees on FMLA / Disability / PFL status (as applicable)
  • Follow up with physicians on leave status and return to work release, as applicable
  • Coordinate return to work and communicate with HR department and/or supervisors

All leave activities are documented, and paperwork is stored within the secure, cloud-based, proprietary tracking system. The system offers a self-service portal that allows different levels of access.

The proprietary software also:

  • Allows leave specialists to process leave requests 10 times faster than traditional methods with less risk of error
  • Calculates leave eligibility instantly using the client’s payroll reports import
  • Manages multiple workflows for different leave types and allows for customization
  • Provides audit-ready reporting
  • Adheres to HIPPA standards and security protocols
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