Payroll Solutions for the Nonprofit Industry

It takes more than a worthy cause and dedicated staff to run a nonprofit organization. When it comes to HR, the demands are just as taxing as they are in the for-profit world—often without the specialized HR staff. Finding and using all available efficiencies is the key to success. For nonprofit industry payroll solutions, isolved provides those needed efficiencies—and at a price point that’s perfect for a small-to-midsized nonprofit.

This cloud-based solution offers payroll, time tracking, onboarding, and ACA compliance all in one technology. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and complicated, disparate tools that require importing and exporting and duplicate data entry.

Nonprofit Industry Payroll Benefits with GTM

  • More time to focus on your nonprofit organization
  • Less worry about governmental compliance
  • Higher level of employee engagement and teamwork
  • View labor data in real time and make informed business decisions
  • Reduce errors, improving your bottom line

Nonprofit Industry Payroll isolved Features

  • Split employee wages over multiple funds/grants
  • Labor and GL reports for unlimited funds/grants
  • Workflows/electronic onboarding
  • isolved mobile app
    • Perfect for nonprofit employees who work on-the-go
    • Easily punch in and out
  • ACA reporting
  • Executive and ACA dashboards
  • Certification tracking with email reminders

Stay dedicated to your cause and leave the HR tasks to GTM.

For more information on how GTM can help you transform the way you operate your nonprofit, request a free consultation and demo.

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