New York Employers Must Provide Digital Labor Posters

Jan 18, 2023

new york digital workplace postersOn Dec. 16, 2022, New York amended its workplace notification laws to require employers to make digital copies of certain posters that are physically posted in the workplace available to employees electronically through the employers’ website or by email. The amendments became effective on the date they were adopted.

Required Workplace Posting Requirements

Under federal and state laws, New York employers must display several required workplace posters. These posters provide official summaries of employee rights and employer obligations. The U.S. Department of Labor and the New York Department of Labor make these required posters available to employers free of charge on their respective websites.

Required posters and notices must be displayed in a conspicuous place. State law requires that posters be displayed on each floor of the premises.

Digital Labor Poster Notification

The new amendments require employers to provide digital versions of federal- and state-required workplace posters through the employer’s website or via email.

Impact on Employers

New York employers subject to workplace poster laws are affected by this requirement. As a result, these employers should determine whether to make these posters available through their website or send them directly to their employees via email.

Affected employers should also set up procedures for updating employees when new federal or state posters are released.

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