Considering recent events of this past week, it is important to say that GTM Payroll Services has always cherished contributions from all human beings regardless of their ethnicity, creed, or origin.

We value each one of our contributing GTMers, clients, their employees, and our partners and appreciate the opportunity to work together no matter where anyone’s ancestors are from.

Unfortunately, racial injustice, including in our criminal justice system, and income inequality does exist in the U.S.

The toll this takes on our minority communities is not acceptable.

We support and stand with those who are peacefully protesting with a goal to change those systems.

We condemn those who are taking advantage of this time period to loot, cause physical harm to law enforcement, and destroy small business property in our cities and especially to the businesses we serve.

It is our hope that we achieve peace and those few do not distract from the message of many to influence change.

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