HCM Solutions – Certifications and Training

Build culture, improve productivity, and stay ahead of expirations

The HCM certifications and trainings module allows you to get alerts about employee certification expiration dates and awards, eliminating the need to track them manually. isolved®’s single secure platform lets you store and schedule employee training and re-certification programs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Track mandated training requirements
  • Make promotion decisions
  • Analyze costs associated with training, including actual cost of time away from work
  • Track employee of the month and other awards
  • Track continuing education or job-specific education requirements

You’ll be surprised at the savings you’ll get with a fully integrated HCM solution. But don’t take our word for it – use this HCM ROI calculator to see how much you can save each year by using our HCM solution instead of doing it all on your own.

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