Successful Talent Acquisition and New Hire Onboarding

Oct 18, 2021

successful talent acquisition

Effortlessly attract top qualified candidates and create a streamlined experience for optimized talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention

Candidate sourcing is arguably the most crucial function of recruiting in recent months. It’s no secret there is a major talent shortage and hiring managers are finding it more difficult than ever to find top quality talent for their open roles.

Make Smarter Hiring Decisions

isolved Attract & Hire on the Talent Acquisition platform gives you the tools you need to source passive candidates into talent pools, get your team involved with employee referrals, and post your open positions to the most relevant job boards to find highly qualified talent.

Create First Impressions That Count

The isolved Onboard & Develop module is ready to help you reduce your workload and keep your employees focused on the right things. It provides real-time analytics and status reports, configurable templates, and wizards to ensure consistency and compliance – all at your fingertips – for connecting with employees in more meaningful ways.

1 in 3 new hires look for a new job during their first six months of coming onboard (Harvard Business School Study).

New Hire Onboarding Just Got A Lot Easier

Verifying and bringing on new hires can take a lot of time for HR and recruiting professionals. With E-Verify, I-9 work verification, built into isolved Talent Acquisition, the process just got a lot easier. isolved simplifies the employment verification process, with results returned from the agency within seconds.

Streamline your hiring with customizable solutions built to help you optimize every stage of your recruiting process. Whether you want to scale your team quickly, source remote candidates or reach diverse talent, Attract & Hire on the isolved Talent Acquisition platform gives you the technology to find the best-fit candidates for your open roles.

  • Attract Qualified Talent: Post your open position to 4,000+ job boards in a single click and leverage employee referrals.
  • Stay Top of Mind: Easily communicate every step of the way with one-click email templates, assessments, and interview scheduling.
  • Hire at Scale: Move faster by automating admin tasks.
  • Access Actionable Insights: Inform and improve your hiring process with robust reporting.

Talent Acquisition is hard

In today’s candidate market, you’ve got to be on your toes from the first words you write in your job description to the moment you send an offer letter.

The candidate’s experience with your company and the communications they receive along the way are vital in showcasing your appreciation for their time. And with hiring recovering, candidates have choices. Having an established hiring process, timesaving tools and quick follow through are all key to finding (and keeping!) your next great employee.

With isolved Attract & Hire, you can dive headfirst into hiring tasks that need a human touch and automate the manual tasks that don’t. With isolved Onboard & Develop, you can support all-important human connections while boosting your ROI from increased efficiency and effectiveness in the onboarding process.

Free Guide to Recruitment, Onboarding and Engagement

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