Maximize Employee Benefits with Minimal Costs

May 11, 2018

employee benefits with minimal costsIn an age of doing more with less, it’s easy to assume that cutting employee benefits will lead to greater profit margins. But more and more studies seem to suggest that simply isn’t the case. Having happy, engaged employees is likely to lead to increased performance and financial success for a business.

But don’t worry – not all benefits require hefty monetary investments. Check out this list from isolved® of some creative and less-than-traditional ideas for low-to-no-cost additional perks that your employees are bound to love, and which will allow you to maximize employee benefits with minimal costs.

  • Public recognition for major milestones and excellent customer feedback
  • Leadership opportunities – even within a small group and/or project
  • Coffee, drink, and snack machines – perhaps even a popcorn machine?
  • Contests – can be just among staff, or maybe engage your customers to participate or judge
  • Free seminars and discussion groups, such as book clubs or “lunch and learn” sessions
  • Work from home days – could be once a week, once a month, etc.
  • Raffles or giveaways for company property no longer in use or needed – some staff may want an office chair or bookshelf for their home
  • Short-term distractions to help refresh the mind – leave some puzzles or board games in the break room
  • Gym memberships – group rates are more affordable than individual memberships; you can also offer to split the cost with the employee for an individual rate

Do you offer benefits to part-time employees? You might want to consider doing so, especially if you are grooming them for full-time positions.

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