hr processes to automateMost companies try to save money and improve efficiency by automating workflows. Some organizations with advanced tech in other departments are in the Dark Ages when it comes to human resources. If you want to improve efficiency at your organization, start with HR. Here are our picks for the top 5 HR processes to automate.

1. Payroll

Whether you hire a payroll service or use your own payroll software, there is no reason to do payroll manually. You will save time and prevent payroll problems. Accurate payroll reduces the likelihood of a compliance breach.

2. Timekeeping

An automated timekeeping system does punch tracking, job costing, break enforcement, time-off requests, time card approvals, and accruals. Plus, you will limit the cost of labor by reducing or eliminating time fraud.

3. Shift Scheduling

Build schedules based on production requirements, labor law constraints, and employee availability. Manage varying shifts and multiple teams far easier than spreadsheets. Automated scheduling is a busy manager’s lifesaver.

4. Benefits Enrollment

Simplify benefits enrollment and get employee self-service documents, cost analysis, and benefits summary confirmation. Guide employees through enrollment including read receipts.

5. Onboarding

You don’t want to hand a new hire a stack of papers. That’s no way to begin a job. Use an integrated HR management system for onboarding administrative processes. Employees appreciate accessing documents online at their convenience. Signature confirmation tracks progress.

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