Employee Portal

Feb 20, 2014

employee portalGTM’s Employee Portal is a web-based system that allows your employees to access their payroll information online at any time. Employees have the ability to view personal data, payroll information, W-2’s, and time-off accrual information online, saving you time and money! You also have the option to allow employees to request changes to their personal information as well as request time off.

Employees Have the Ability To:

  • View and print their payroll vouchers and W-2’s
  • View and edit their demographic data
  • View paid time-off balances, vacation and sick time without having to contact HR staff
  • View commonly requested information online via a secure internet site
  • Request withholding changes
  • Submit leave requests

Additional Benefits to You:

  • Reduces routine inquires by providing employees with greater access to payroll information
  • Eases the burden of distributing payroll vouchers to your workforce
  • Payroll becomes paperless through direct deposit, eliminating paper-based statements and saving you money
  • Pricing is based on the number of active employees

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