Case Study: Sano-Rubin Construction Services


Sano-Rubin Construction Services was founded in 1912 and currently employs around 70 workers. They offer design/build services, program consulting, construction management, and general contracting in and around the Capital Region of New York. Ted Rydzewski, chief financial officer for Sano-Rubin, was using ADP and experiencing several issues including service and support, payroll delivery, and job costing.


Service and support
Sano-Rubin paid ADP for a higher level of service commitment. They were promised quicker service with a dedicated team handling their payroll. However, despite paying more, Sano-Rubin still couldn’t get in touch with support any faster. They experienced slow response times when they had issues as the service personnel kept changing.

Payroll delivery
Sano-Rubin doesn’t have the luxury of a one-week lag on payroll. Due to union rules, paychecks need to be delivered within two days after the work week ends with the option of a live check or direct deposit. They also have workers in several different locations. That means Sano-Rubin needs paychecks in hand by noon on the day before they’re due to employees. ADP said they could meet that deadline but repeatedly failed to deliver on their promise.

Time and Attendance
Sano-Rubin employees often work on a variety of different projects and need to allocate their time to the correct job cost code. Their job-costing code structure includes dashes, which couldn’t be handled by ADP’s system. This made it impossible for Sano-Rubin to roll out an automated time and attendance system and left them with time-consuming manual time sheets and data entry. Because ADP could not work with this code structure, Sano-Rubin had to manually adjust the codes in order to import them into their job costing system to produce reports.

Finding a Solution

Sano-Rubin needed a payroll service provider that could:

  • Offer exceptional and timely service and support
  • Deliver payroll, including live checks, with a quick turnaround
  • Handle their job-costing code structure
  • Implement an automated time-tracking solution
  • Easily update certified payroll reports
  • Provide an easy-to-use, modern payroll management platform

A Better Way: GTM Payroll Services’ HCM Platform

GTM’s human capital management (HCM) platform from isolved met Sano-Rubin’s needs and more. A state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform and dedication to client service convinced Ted and Sano-Rubin to make the switch. And GTM delivered.

The Solution
Sano-Rubin purchased GTM’s comprehensive solution which included payroll, time and attendance, benefits enrollment and eligibility administration, onboarding for new hires, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting.

An extraordinarily different experience
GTM’s isolved HCM platform provides a unified solution for human resources, onboarding, payroll, benefits, time and attendance, ACA reporting, and more. It’s flexible and intuitive while delivering the vital data finance and HR professionals need to make more informed business decisions.

Being “in the cloud,” gives a business total control of their data and accessibility anytime, anywhere. Having an integrated platform, means a single sign-on for everything needed to manage employees. There is no need for multiple logins or exporting and importing data into different systems.

Exceptional service and support
GTM’s implementation team got Sano-Rubin up and running by their target date for launching a new payroll system. Their accessible and knowledgeable account support team provides dedicated, high-touch service when Sano-Rubin needs any type of assistance.

         “When I contact GTM with a question, I know I’m speaking with someone who is familiar with my account and knows my business,” Ted said.

Sano-Rubin has access to an online learning center to find some answers on their own. They also received in-person trainings to get staff members comfortable with the new system and ease the transition.

            “GTM’s implementation team was very helpful in getting our staff trained on the new system. Having hands-on sessions was very beneficial,” Ted said.

Payroll processing, delivery and reporting
Payroll is running on time, every time so Sano-Rubin employees are getting their paychecks or direct deposit according to union regulations. The company has the convenience of picking up employee paychecks at GTM’s office in Clifton Park or having them delivered. They’re also able to get checks in the morning, giving them even more time to distribute checks that day.

            “Our employees are being paid accurately and timely, and GTM’s integrated certified payroll reporting has made things run smoothly,” said Ted. “GTM has helped ease our minds when it comes to union regulations and reporting requirements.”

GTM integrates payroll certification into the system so there is no need to use a third-party like some payroll providers may need to use. Processing runs easier and Sano-Rubin has more confidence in the review procedure. When New York rolled out its Paid Family Leave (PFL) requirements, Sano-Rubin was forced to use a third-party provider to ensure compliance. With GTM’s isolved platform, PFL and other obligations are integrated into payroll processing, saving Sano-Rubin time and reducing the chances for errors. Sano-Rubin will be adding ACA reporting functionality to their platform to give them even greater control over their payroll processing.

           “With GTM, we have more assurance that our reports are accurate, and we can review our payroll much faster than before,” said Ted. “We save two hours each week over ADP.”

Time and attendance
The isolved platform had no issues handling the dashes in Sano-Rubin’s job-costing codes. That allowed Sano-Rubin to replace its paper time cards with isolved integrated, web-based time and attendance system that lets employees punch in and out on a computer at their work site. This saved Sano-Rubin’s payroll processor a half day of data entry and allowed him to focus on more value-added functions for the company. And they can run necessary reports by job code.

Employee self-service
With isolved’s self-service portal, Sano-Rubin’s employees can log in to see and download pay stubs as well as view and request time off.


With GTM Payroll Services, Sano-Rubin moved into the world of high-performing HCM systems. They’re saving time, modernizing procedures to create efficiencies and reduce mistakes, and producing more accurate and timely reports. As Sano-Rubin’s needs grow, the isolved platform can expand right alongside them backed by a dedicated service and support team who will be with them every step of the way.

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