Case Study: Rotech Healthcare


Rotech is a national provider of ventilators, oxygen, sleep apnea treatment, wound care solutions, and home medical equipment. They are headquartered in Florida but have offices in 46 states, employing around 3,500 workers. They had been managing their leave administration entirely in-house, using HR managers covering anywhere from 400-1000 employees in 10-15 states each to handle leave requests. They had a high volume of ADA accommodations and other leave requests.

Finding a Solution

Rotech needed leave management administration services that could:

  • Ensure leave management complied with state laws
  • Determine eligibility for FMLA and other leaves
  • Meet deadlines for employee leave requests
  • Ensure proper paperwork was sent and received on time
  • Free up HR staff time to focus on employee relations

A Better Way: Leave Management from GTM Payroll Services

GTM’s leave management administration service met Rotech’s needs and more.

Jennifer Stephens, Director of HR, needed a comprehensive service that could manage all leave requests across multiple states, while freeing up Rotech’s HR partners’ time for daily HR issues. She also needed to ensure that all policies and procedures were in compliance with federal and state regulations, and to have updates made when laws were added or changed.

The Solution

In July of 2021, Rotech began outsourcing their leave management to GTM.

“It was easy to select GTM as our leave management partner. Their expertise and their service have been very valuable.”

An extraordinarily efficient experience
Outsourcing your employee leave management to experts is an increasingly attractive and time-saving option as businesses struggle to manage the complexities of an ever-changing legal compliance landscape, manage and retain talent, and implement HR best practices that keep employees aligned with business goals. Smaller companies have little or no human resources infrastructure and may not be able to afford a leave specialist. Mid-sized companies may need additional HR resources and assistance but can’t justify hiring a full-time leave management professional.

By utilizing GTM’s leave management specialists, employers get help planning, tracking, and handling employee leaves, including administration, claims management, return-to-work support, and reporting, freeing up valuable time and resources.

“We have great confidence in GTM’s ability to accurately track and manage our employee leave requests,” said Stephens.

Leave Management Services
GTM provides secure, cloud-based portal for Rotech’s employees to open leave requests. GTM then determines eligibility for the leave based on the employee’s tenure and location, and provides the paperwork necessary to begin the process.

“Our employees just login to the portal with their phone and see all the available options,” said Stephens. “There’s only one step to register, it’s super helpful.”

Because all leave activities are documented and stored within a proprietary tracking system, cases are easy to manage, while also providing flexibility as cases can often change. The system also manages multiple workflows for different leave types and allows for customization.

GTM’s leave specialists distribute all required notices, follow-up with carrier(s) for approval/denial of claim/case updates, and coordinate return to work with the employee’s HR manager.

Exceptional local service and support
GTM’s leave management team is available when any issues arise, and alleviates the time-consuming process of handling employee leave requests in-house. Stephens has also found value in the other HR services that GTM offers.

“We had to constantly keep up with compliance issues and were always worried about deadlines,” said Stephens. “GTM has freed up our time to focus on our daily HR tasks while also helping us be more strategic in our planning and training.”

With GTM Payroll Services, Rotech receives experienced, accomplished professionals that deliver expert leave management administration, helping to control costs, alleviate administrative burden, and mitigate risk to the company. By streamlining the leave process and improving the employee experience, GTM delivers value beyond expectations.

“GTM offers a great service and gives us peace of mind that our employee leave is being handled accurately and efficiently.”

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