Payroll Solutions for the Wholesale Trade Industry

Maintain compliance and simplify the tasks associated with managing a wholesale trade business with isolved, a comprehensive human capital management platform designed with your needs in mind.

One of the most complex aspects of running a wholesale trade company is managing the labor. Tracking attendance and hours worked, managing schedules, and handling payroll are just a few of the tasks that challenge owners and managers of these companies, taking many hours every week. isolved provides much-needed efficiencies that simplify these tasks, at a price point that’s perfect for any size business.

You can minimize the time you spend on your daily tasks while improving accuracy with isolved. This cloud-based solution handles payroll, HR, time, and benefits enrollment as its core functionalities. Additional features make it easier to find and bring on new hires, roll out training to the entire organization, and create a more engaging culture, all in a single technology.

Your benefits with isolved:

  • Ability to obtain detailed metrics and measurements for human capital management
  • Less worry about compliance with requirements and regulations
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Labor data available in real time to make informed business decisions
  • All information in one place, eliminating importing/ exporting and duplicate data entry
  • OSHA data stored with HR data for easy access

isolved Features:

  • The ability to break down labor costs per products sold
  • Applicant tracking and paperless electronic onboarding
  • Labor and General Ledger reporting to track your largest cost factor – labor (any combination of labor cost reporting across levels, jobs, and projects with any date range)
  • Executive dashboard for at-a-glance metrics
  • Electronic open enrollment, carrier feeds, and COBRA integration available
  • The ability to set up earnings and deductions based on location, department, or labor field
  • Learning management system with topics pertinent to your industry

Boost your growth in wholesale trade by simplifying your processes.

For more information on how GTM can transform the way you operate your wholesale trade business, request a free consultation and demo.

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