Nanny Salary Survey 2014 Findings

Mar 26, 2015 | Employee Benefits, Household Payroll & Taxes, Retaining Employees

nanny salary surveyThe International Nanny Association (INA) just released the results of their most recent nanny salary survey (2014 Nanny Salary and Benefits Survey), which are summarized below. An interesting note about the 2014 survey is that it was the first time that international respondents were included. Nearly 1,000 complete responses and over 250 partially completed responses were received. Professional research firm Survey Design & Analysis conducted the survey and provided analysis of the results.

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Respondents were 99 % female, 92% live outside the employer’s home, 85% have some college education and 77% work full time, up from 70% in 2012. 53% report that their current employment fits the nanny job description, and 38% are nanny/house managers. 72% have more than 5 years of experience in the field.

Key findings include:

  • Average hourly rate USD$18.66, $1/hour increase from 2012
  • 49% have had a salary increase in prior 12 months, up from 38% in 2012
  • Education and experience correlate with higher hourly wage
  • 60% received an annual bonus in 2013, up from 53% in 2011
  • INA Credentialed nannies average $19.96 per hour
  • 64% are paid legally

Regarding nanny benefits:

  • 62% receive paid vacation 57% receive paid holidays, down from 66% in 2012
  • 71% receive “guaranteed pay” when the family does not need them
  • 10% receive full health insurance; 12% receive partial health insurance, unchanged from 2012. This was surprising given generous employer tax breaks that became available in 2012 for employer provided health insurance.

39% of respondents found their current job through a traditional, brick and mortar nanny referral agency, while 34% found their job online, a 10% increase from 2012. 67% have a written work agreement in place with their family. It is important to note that 80% of respondents who were placed by a nanny agency have a written work agreement. A written work agreement is a key predictor of long term retention in the position.

Survey Design and Analysis’ concluded that improved economic conditions are evident in the nanny industry; with higher hourly rate, more bonuses, more full time work. They noted that technology trends are contributing to changes in the nanny industry; evidenced by the increased use of online classes, online listing services in job search, and more employers using a payroll service. Lastly, education level and experience of nannies and most aspects of the nanny job have remained stable over the last 3 years.

View the full summary of the 2014_INA_Salary and Benefits Survey, and contact GTM’s Household Employment Experts for more information.

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