Timekeeping for Household Employers

Timekeeping for Household Employers

GTM’s HomePunch Mobile is a completely automated, easy-to-use solution to track your employee’s hours as well as overtime, time-off requests, and accrual balances.

Your employee punches in and out and tracks their hours through a free mobile app available on Apple and Android devices. With Pinpoint GPS features, you can view the actual location of your employee’s mobile punches over an entire pay period or for a specific day and time. And you’ll have quick access to records and reports online or through the app’s Family Portal.

It’s the easiest way to streamline your timekeeping and eliminate errors from paper time sheets and manual data entry.

GTM's HomePunch MobileWith HomePunch Mobile, employees can:

  • Clock in and out for the day with just a few taps
  • Request time off
  • View work schedule, current hours worked and time-off balance
  • Check messages from you

Through the Family Portal, employers can:

  • View and approve time-off requests
  • Clock in/out your employee(s)
  • View, edit and approve employee time cards
  • Send employee(s) messages
  • View and add notes to employee time cards

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