Household HR Services

Household HR Services

Household employment is a business. It’s the smooth and sound operation of your most important organization – your home. It’s also your employee’s livelihood. Neither your household nor your worker’s employment should be taken lightly.

It’s not enough to simply hire an employee. To ensure a safe and happy home, you must ensure a safe and happy workplace, which can be accomplished by following and implementing human resource practices in your household.

GTM Household HR Concierge Service

Designed exclusively for household employers and managers, GTM’s Household HR Concierge Service will help you retain top personnel, hire the best fits for your positions, and comply with labor laws. You’ll see increased employee performance and satisfaction and can mitigate the risk of an employee lawsuit or financial penalties for violating tax, wage, or labor laws. Best of all, you’ll have peace of mind in your home.

You’ll have one point of contact who will work with you in a number of areas including:

  • Human resources consulting
  • Personnel management
  • Compliance and administration
  • Insurance
  • Employee benefits

With GTM’s Household HR Concierge Service, you’ll create a professional workplace with best-in-class hiring and employee management practices. Learn more about GTM’s Household HR Concierge Service (PDF).

GTM Household HR services

Household HR Handbook

How to Hire a Nanny: Your Complete Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Household Help, written by GTM Founder and CEO Guy Maddalone, provides guidance and insight on human resource procedures for household employment. Get practical insight on best practices for managing household employees.

Household Employee Documents

GTM can customize your employee handbook, job descriptions, work agreements, and confidentiality agreements written specifically for the household employment industry.

Employee Background Checks

Select from several background checks or choose them all. Services include criminal checks, credit checks, driving records, social security tracking, and reference checking.

Immigration Checks

Using the E-Verify program, GTM will verify the employment eligibility of your employees after hire to determine whether the information they provide matches government records and whether your new hire is authorized to work in the United States.

GTM Household HR gives employers guidelines on how to implement easy and useful human resources practices in their households to better manage their employees and as a result, help make their life as an employer much easier.

Download Overview of Household HR Concierge Service

household hr concierge service

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