The Complete Guide to Household Payroll

How to pay your domestic employees the right way

Payroll. Tax. Insurance. Compliance. It’s time consuming and may seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together The Complete Guide to Household Payroll that will help you every step of the way.

Just what you need to do and why. There’s even a handy checklist and household payroll calendar at the end of the guide to use as references.

The Complete Guide to Household PayrollDownload The Complete Guide to Household Payroll

The guide includes:

  • 14 steps to household payroll compliance
  • When you need to pay taxes
  • How to determine employee v. independent contractor
  • How to file to become an employer
  • Understanding tax laws
  • Your responsibilities beyond taxes
  • Your employee’s tax responsibilities
  • How to negotiate a pay rate
  • Reporting and filing payroll taxes
  • How to reduce your tax burden
  • And much more!

The IRS estimates that it takes a household employer 60 hours each year to comply with all federal and state tax laws.

If you’d rather have GTM Payroll Services handle all of the administrative tasks associated with household payroll and taxes, we offer a free, no obligation consultation to review your specific situation.

Call (800) 929-9213. We’ll show how we remove the hassles, worries and risks of household payroll and give you peace of mind (plus more time in life for the things you enjoy).

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