New Guide: How to Hire a Nanny the Right Way

Jan 25, 2019 | GTM Blog, Hiring an Employee, Retaining Employees

hire a nanny the right way

Hire a nanny the right way with this guide on the hiring process, paying your employee, and creating a healthy work environment.

Hiring a nanny will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. You’re not only trusting this caregiver to look after your children, but you’re also bringing someone into your home for 20, 40 or maybe even more hours a week.

Even though you may not have a lot of time – after work and family obligations – to put into hiring a nanny, this is a decision you’ll want to get right. And, after finding a nanny, you’ll want to work on creating a healthy work environment for your employee. That’s on top of your payroll, tax, and insurance obligations.

In this new guide from GTM Payroll Services, we lay out the steps on how to hire a nanny the right way, manage your payroll and tax responsibilities, and maintain a strong relationship with your employee.

We’ll cover:

Preparing a Job Description

To attract the best candidates that are good fits for your position, you need to be clear about duties, expectations, and what exactly you want in a caregiver.

The Hiring Process

From spreading the word to meeting for interviews to background checks, the time and preparation you spend during the hiring process will pay great dividends down the road with a confident, comfortable, and engaged nanny caring for your children. Take your time and make the right decision!

Making an Offer

You’re ready to make a hire. Next steps are to extend an offer, prepare a work agreement, and take care of tax and payroll paperwork.

Negotiating Pay

Before discussing money, make sure you understand:

  • differences between gross and net pay
  • your budget
  • what the law says

Nanny Tax Compliance

Ignorance, mistakes or misinterpretations of the federal or state law can mean IRS audits, thousands of dollars in fines and penalties, and/or an employee lawsuit. We lay out the 14 steps you need to take to stay compliant.

Reducing Your Tax Burden

A flexible spending account and/or the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit can help you reduce your tax obligation and save you some money.

Keeping Your Best Employees

If you find a good nanny, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep them. Who wants to go through the hiring process again not to mention the disruption for your children? We provide six ways you can create a healthy work environment for your nanny. Plus, what do nannies really want from their families? Our research has the answer!

Benefits for Your Nanny

Benefits are another way to reward and retain your top employees. Paid time off, health insurance, and even a retirement plan can keep your best workers with you and attract top talent for your position.

Backed by Research

Throughout the guide, we’ll highlight key results from our recent surveys from household employers and nannies that can help guide your hiring decisions and how you can develop a working relationship with your nanny that benefits both you and your employee.

Download Your Guide to Hiring a Nanny

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