Virtual Medicine for Nannies

Virtual Medicine for Nannies

With Virtual Medicine, your household employee will have 24/7 access to a physician by phone, secure messaging, or video. They can get answers to simple or complex medical questions, schedule a consult, and share pictures or videos with a doctor. It’s perfect for diagnosing and treating everyday ailments like colds, allergies, rashes, injuries, and more. The virtual medicine service can also send prescriptions directly to your employee’s pharmacy when appropriate.

If your employee doesn’t have health insurance, they may be heading to urgent care every time they get sick or injured. That can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medical costs. Or, they skip getting medical attention and wind up calling in sick and missing work. And that means you’re scrambling for backup care.

Here are some virtual medicine providers to consider:




Looking for more? Check out our other health benefit options or download our Employee Benefits Overview (PDF).

Health Insurance & Benefits Options Comparison Chart

This chart will help you compare the various plans and select one that will best meet the needs of your nanny. These are contribution rates for 2023.

Employer funded    
Employer tax savings
Employee funded      
Employee tax savings
Covers out-of-pocket expenses  
Covers insurance premiums      
Used to purchase health insurance          
Contribution limits $3,050 No limit $3,850 single
$7,750 family
$5,850 single
$11,800 family
No limit No limit
Pairings N/A Group plan High-deductible plan Individual plans N/A Group plan
Coverage restrictions None Must cover at least two employees None None None None

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