Health Insurance for Nannies

Health Insurance for Nannies

Anyone can be caught off guard by an unexpected illness or injury. Employers and nannies alike benefit from household employee healthcare coverage. That’s because health insurance for nannies:

  • Helps you attract and retain top employees.
  • Protects nannies financially. Healthcare coverage limits out-of-pocket costs, protects assets, and safeguards future earnings.
  • Covers more than just injury and illness. It’s not just the emergencies that insurance covers, it’s also the preventative healthcare needed to safeguard against future health problems, eliminating surprise illnesses and the resulting absenteeism.
  • Can be surprisingly affordable. When employers make contributions toward premiums, your nanny can pay low monthly payments.

Through our affiliate, GTM Insurance Agency, GTM can offer a variety of health insurance options for nannies.

Let us help you find the best health insurance plan for your nanny.

Looking for more? Check out our dental and vision plans as well as other health benefits options or download our Employee Benefits Overview (PDF).

Health Insurance & Benefits Options Comparison Chart

This chart will help you compare the various plans and select one that will best meet the needs of your nanny. These are contribution rates for 2024.

Employer funded    
Employer tax savings
Employee funded      
Employee tax savings
Covers out-of-pocket expenses  
Covers insurance premiums      
Used to purchase health insurance          
Contribution limits $3,200 No limit $4,150 single
$8,300 family
$6,150 single
$12,450 family
No limit No limit
Pairings N/A Group plan High-deductible plan Individual plans N/A Group plan
Coverage restrictions None Must cover at least two employees None None None None

Talk to a Health Insurance Expert

Our experts are available to answer questions about health insurance for your nanny or other household employees and help you get started.

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