Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs)

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) help employees and employers keep healthcare costs under control by allowing them to take advantage of lower premiums offered by high-deductible medical plans.

A Creative Way to Contribute to Healthcare Expenses

HRAs have been the best option for healthcare benefits in the household employment industry for many years – whether you use an HRA as a standalone option or combine it with a qualified group health plan.

HRAs are flexible, convenient, and cost-effective, and offer such benefits as:

  • Freedom of choice to help control healthcare costs for your employee
  • Control in making your employee accountable for the management of their medical treatments
  • Convenient roll-over feature so you don’t lose your contributions at the end of the year or when an employee leaves
  • Flexible budget options: Contribution amounts that you determine
  • Versatility: An HRA can be used alongside other savings accounts and healthcare options and can be used to fund insurance premiums and deductibles
  • Popular with employees: HRAs use employer contributions, not employee salary deductions

Setting up an HRA with GTM is straightforward. We support you through the whole process, from defining the amount you want to contribute, to providing your employees with information about reimbursable medical expenses and submitting claims, to tracking the status of the account.

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