22 Nanny Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Dec 18, 2018 | Retaining Employees


Need nanny gift ideas? Here’s a list of both popular and unique gifts to consider.

You’re looking for just the right gift for your nanny but need ideas. Look no further. Here is a list of 22 nanny gift ideas.

To make your gift extra special, have your children (if they are able or with your assistance) make a small gift, craft or card for your nanny. Add a note of appreciation from you. Nannies like to feel respected for the work they do and will enjoy the personal touch.

If you’re shopping for a nanny gift, involve your children in the selection and purchase.

1. Lower their health care costs with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

2. Provide easy access to medical care with a concierge medicine service

3. Contribute to their retirement with a SIMPLE 401K retirement plan

4. Subscription to Nanny Magazine

5. Membership in the International Nanny Association

6. Nanny training courses through NannyTraining.com

7. Gift card to their favorite restaurant, store, salon, spa or movie theatre

8. Tickets to a concert, show or sporting event

9. Cash (typically one week’s pay but can be more)

10. Extra paid time off – can be a day or two.

11. Donation to their favorite cause or charitable organization

12. Nanny bag for their supplies

13. Amazon gift card

14. Gym membership

15. Coffee drinker? Try a personalized travel mug or coffee maker.

16. Personalized jewelry like a charm bracelet or initial pendant necklace

17. The gift of pampering: lotions, soaps, candles, bath oils, plush robe, fuzzy socks, etc.

18. Homemade cookies or other treats along with a cookie or candy jar

19. Spa or beauty products

20. Cooking or photography class

21. Is your nanny planning to travel? Try an airline gift card, luggage or travel accessories.

22. Is your nanny pregnant? Purchase an item from her baby registry.

As with any gift giving, knowing your nanny’s interests, hobbies, and lifestyle will help you find a gift that will be personal and valued. Good luck!

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