Alexa, Where are the Diapers? How to Create a Customized, Virtual Nanny Guide.

Aug 2, 2019 | GTM Blog, Household Employee Management

virtual nanny guide

With your Alexa device, you can easily create a customized, virtual nanny guide to help them find things, remember steps, and get important information like emergency contact numbers and your child’s schedule for the day.

Do you have an Alexa device in your home? Did you know you can create a customized, virtual guide for your nanny to help them find things, remember steps, and get useful information like emergency contact numbers and your child’s schedule for the day?

You can create this virtual nanny guide in just minutes through Alexa’s Skill Blueprints. Providing hands-free, voice-activated information will help your nanny quickly get what they need when caring for your child.

Ready to get started?

Go to the Skill Blueprints web page.

Under “At Home,” select Babysitter. Yes, we understand that nannies and babysitters are different, but the guide can be customized for any in-home caregiver including senior caregivers.

Click the “Make Your Own” button.

Edit the examples they provide and add as much of your own information as you’d like. You can always come back to add, edit, update or remove any content.

You can use Skill Blueprints to create a virtual nanny guide that includes:

  • Your child’s daily schedule
  • Allergies and medications
  • Where to find things
  • How to do things
  • Emergency contact information
  • Answers to common questions

You can also customize Alexa’s greetings and farewells. If you have an Echo Show, you can select a background image.

Give your virtual nanny guide a name and you’re done!

Skill Blueprints are limited to your personal devices. Personal skills are private. Alexa will offer your virtual nanny guide only when someone opens it on your devices.

Take a few minutes to show your nanny how to use the virtual guide on your home devices. Show them how to open the guide and provide a list of questions Alexa can answer.

Your virtual nanny guide can be a powerful tool that will quickly provide the information your caregiver needs to help their days go smoothly.

Hiring a nanny?

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