13 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Nanny

Sep 21, 2020 | GTM Blog, Household Employee Management


During National Nanny Recognition Week, we honor and recognize the hard work of nannies who care for our children. Here are some easy and fun ideas to show your nanny some love. Even small tokens of appreciation can go a long way.

It’s National Nanny Recognition Week, which is a great time to show your nanny appreciation for how much they mean to you and your children. In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, your nanny is more valuable than ever. Perhaps they are caring for your children as you work from home or supervising online learning. They can help answer your child’s questions about the pandemic and why everything has been so different these past several months. They do this all while managing the stress the health crisis has put on their own lives.

As always, remember that even small tokens of gratitude – like a handwritten note or a homemade card from your children – can go a long way. Involve your children in whatever you decide to do. They will love to be a part of it and they should know that you appreciate your nanny as much as they do.

1. An INA membership

The International Nanny Association is offering a discount on all memberships through Monday, September 28. The INA provides information, education, and guidance for nannies. Sign up online and use promo code NNRW20new at check out to get $15 off.

2. Subscription to Nanny Magazine

Nanny Magazine is the premier trade publication for nannies. Each issue is filled with industry news and insights, trusted tips, and expert content just for nannies. You can save $5 off a Nanny Magazine subscription through Wednesday, September 30. Subscribe online and use code NNRW2020.

3. Pampering at a spa

Depending on the pandemic restrictions in your area, you could treat your nanny with a gift card for a day at the spa. Give them the day off to take advantage of some extra-special indulgence and pampering. Your nanny will come back to work refreshed and ready to take on the day!

4. The gift of cash

We said this would be about easy ways to show appreciation. What can be simpler than surprising your nanny with some extra spending cash? Maybe it is an extra’s day pay or more. That way they can spend the gift however they wish.

5. Gift card to their favorite store

If you would rather not hand over cash, a gift card to one of your nanny’s favorite stores can be more personal and will always be appreciated. It could be a department store, coffee shop, bookstore, etc.

6. Car wash and detailing

How about treating them to a premium car wash and interior detailing? This may be especially nice if they use their own car to chauffeur your kids to the park, appointments, lessons, and practices.

7. Fresh flowers

Flowers are a great idea for any occasion and recognizing the hard work of your nanny is no different. They brighten any room. Have your family sign a card to accompany the flowers.

8. Take out or delivery

While many restaurants have restricted inside seating – if they have seating at all – most are open for take out and/or delivery. You could give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant. Or place an order and deliver it yourself. Another option would be to order take out for your nanny and your family and you can all enjoy a meal together.

9. Make their favorite meal

An alternative to restaurant take out is a homemade meal. Make their favorite dish and invite them (and their partner if it makes sense) to stay for dinner. If your children are old enough, they can help with the preparation.

10. Homemade gifts

Your children can make a craft, draw or paint a picture, or something else that their imaginative minds create. Homemade gifts are often more meaningful than a store-bought present. Another idea is a photo book of your nanny and your children. Creating a video of you and your children expressing your appreciation is easy to make using just your mobile phone.

11. Pay for a streaming service

Movie theatres, performing arts centers, and concert venues may remain closed in your area. That makes home entertainment more important. Why not pay for a year of a streaming service for your nanny? Make a dessert or include wine and/or popcorn to create a fun “night in” experience.

12. A paid day off

Who couldn’t use more time to run errands, schedule appointments, or just kick back and relax? Offer your nanny a paid day off (in addition to what you already provide) so they can do just that.

13. Personalized gift basket

What does your nanny love? What are their hobbies? Put together a gift basket around those ideas or create a themed basket.

GTM can help with legal pay

The best way to show that you recognize your nanny as the professional caregiver they are is to pay them legally. Every other professional enjoys the advantages of legal pay so why not your nanny? If you think it’s a hassle or too complicated, then let the payroll experts at GTM Payroll Services handle it all for you. We’ll set you up as an employer, pay your nanny, withhold and remit employer and employee taxes, and help keep you compliant with tax, wage, and labor laws. It really can be that easy. For a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, call (800) 929-9213 and speak with a household employment expert.

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