How to Conduct a Performance Review for Your Nanny

Jun 28, 2019 | Retaining Employees


A nanny performance review is a time to discuss goals, personal job growth, areas of improvement, and what you can do to help them succeed in their role.

Performance reviews are fairly standard in traditional work environments and your nanny can benefit from one too. A nanny performance review is a good time to set goals for the year, talk about personal job growth, look at areas of improvement, and understand ways you can help improve their job performance.

Along with a job description, work agreement, employee handbook, and tasks lists, a nanny performance review is a critical step in building a successful relationship with your employee. It is an opportunity to communicate your feedback to an employee on how well they are meeting the objectives of the household, what they have accomplished, and areas that need improvement.

Companies of all sizes establish periodic performance reviews and evaluations of their employees. It’s also a good practice in household employment even if you have just one worker.

With performance reviews, employees are provided the opportunity to improve and you now have a documented history of your employee’s performance and potential job-related issues,

Informal discussions about job performance and goals are encouraged and expected while your nanny is working for you. However, it would be a best employment practice for you to conduct a formal written performance review at the end of your nanny’s introductory period and then on a scheduled basis, which can be annually or every six months. Your work agreement should detail when you’ll conduct these reviews.

When reviewing your nanny’s work performance, remember to focus on their job and not necessarily on their personality or characteristics.

During the performance review, household employers should:

  • be as positive as possible but also clear
  • discuss topics in a straightforward manner and speak frankly
  • cite specific examples of when your employee has exceeded, met, or failed job expectations
  • set reasonable goals for your nanny to work toward so they can develop and improve their skills

This simple performance evaluation form will help you track projects your nanny is working on and has completed as well as areas for skills improvement and job-centered growth.

In the review, you should also review any disciplinary action, including termination, if the employee fails to improve their performance.

After the initial performance review, you may want to schedule a second review if your employee’s performance has been weak. This can be done three to six months after the initial review to determine whether your worker is making progress and demonstrating better performance.

Let your employee examine their performance review and, if they desire, provide a written opinion of their own to be added to the review and placed in their personnel file.

It’s a good practice for you and your employee to sign the review. This will help protect you from any false claims made by a current or former employee.

A nanny performance review may also be a time to consider a pay increase. You should be clear, however, that pay increases are awarded in light of significant performance and at your discretion. They are not to be considered guaranteed. You may want to express that pay increases are evaluated on:

  • ability to perform all job tasks and functions
  • attendance and punctuality
  • willingness to work
  • ability to cooperate with you and any other members of the household
  • adherence to all household policies

In addition to pay increase considerations, you could also entertain additional benefits for your nanny including health care options and/or a retirement plan.

As always keep communications open, listen to what your nanny has to say, and approach the review as a team effort.

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