Your Guide to July 1 Minimum Wage Increases

Jun 21, 2019 | Tax & Wage Laws


Stay compliant with wage laws! Here is your guide to July 1 minimum wage increases.

It’s that time of year again. Several states and cities are increasing their minimum wage rates on July 1 to coincide with the start of their fiscal years. Remember household employees like nannies and in-home senior caregivers must be paid at least minimum wage. The highest hourly wage of the federal, state, and local rates apply. Since the federal minimum wage is still $7.25/hour, your state or local rate may pertain.

Here is your guide to July 1 minimum wage increases:

State – Locality Minimum Wage Starting July 1, 2019
California – Alameda $13.50
California – Emeryville $16.30
California – Los Angeles $13.25
California – Malibu $13.25
California – Milpitas $15
California – Pasadena $13.25
California – San Francisco $15.59
California – San Leandro $14
California – Santa Monica $13.25
Illinois – Chicago $13
Illinois – Cook County (outside of Chicago city limits) $12
Maine – Portland $11.11
Maryland – Montgomery County $12.50
Minnesota – Minneapolis $11
New Jersey $10 (for employers with 6 or more workers)
Oregon – Portland Metro $12.50
Oregon – standard $11.25 (rates by county)
Oregon – non-urban counties $11 (rates by county)
Washington, D.C. $14

Also, check out our State-by-State Guide to 2019 Minimum Wage Rates.

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