Launches First Tax Compliance Course for Nannies

Jun 29, 2020 | Household Payroll & Taxes, Tax & Wage Laws

tax compliance course for nannies

A new online tax and payroll compliance course for nannies from outlines what they need to know when it comes to being paid legally. has launched a new certificate program for nannies called Getting it Right! Tax and Payroll Compliance for Nannies.

It is the first tax compliance course for nannies and outlines what they need to know when it comes to being paid legally.

With the current health crisis, more and more nannies now understand the necessity of being legal pay in order to receive paid leave benefits and unemployment insurance. Many nannies paid “off the books” were left without a financial safety net if they lost their job during the pandemic.

The course aims to add clarity around legal pay especially the benefits it affords not only nannies but the families they work for as well.

Modules of the course include topics like:

  • Why nannies are employees and not independent contractors
  • Being paid an hourly rate and a not a salary
  • How guaranteed hours work
  • Why banking hours is illegal
  • Benefits of being paid on the books for nannies and families

A nanny doesn’t have an HR department to turn to about workplace matters so often times they need to educate themselves and their employers on compliance issues like legal pay. This course will help nannies better understand the topic and be able to advocate for themselves when speaking with potential employers. is a global leader in nanny education providing quality, affordable courses in several areas including child safety, children’s health, emergency readiness, physical and cognitive development of children, language and literacy, and discipline. teaches in-home childcare providers how basic principles can be transferred to a private home environment and provides nannies with the knowledge they need to navigate household employment especially the nanny-family relationship.

Specialized nanny training can help in-home caregivers understand the unique role that they play in a household and work more effectively as private childcare providers. Working as a nanny requires a different approach to childcare than those taken by other caregivers.

By expanding their knowledge base, nannies may be able to increase their earning potential. According to the International Nanny Association Salary and Benefits Survey, a greater level of education and experience correlates to a higher hourly wage rate.

Nannies can take the new course online and receive a certificate to add to their nanny portfolio. Each nanny’s certificate will also include a digital download on tax and payroll responsibilities that caregivers can share with their employers.

Benefits of Legal Pay for Nannies

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