Hiring Noncitizens Checklist

Follow these guidelines when hiring noncitizens to work in your home.

  • Confirm your household employee’s employment eligibility status by completing Form I-9 and
    checking work authorization documents.
  • Verify your employee’s Social Security Number and its validity for employment.
  • Verify that your employee’s driver’s license, if they have one, is valid.
  • Know and abide by federal, state, and local employment and labor laws.
  • Understand your employee’s visa or green card status and all related employment conditions.
  • Be sure that your employee meets the USCIS’ requirements for their status.
  • Consult with an immigration attorney if there are any specific issues that arise.
  • Be aware of discrimination issues related to nationality and immigration status.
  • Never hire an unauthorized alien to work within your home.
  • Contact references and confirm work and education history.
  • Treat noncitizens authorized for U.S. employment professionally, as you would a U.S.
  • Interview, check references, send offer letters, and provide new hires with an employee
  • Obtain and file a signed release from the job applicant to complete background checks.
  • Most importantly, when hiring a nanny or other person to work within your home, always hire
    the best and never compromise.

Suggested Background Checks when Hiring Noncitizens

It’s recommended that you conduct the following background checks when hiring noncitizens:

  • Driving record
  • Social Security
  • Credit history
  • Drug screening
  • Criminal conviction
  • Sex offender/child abuse registry
  • Employment references

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