Background Checks for Nannies and Other Household Employees

There are a number of nanny background checks you should run before hiring someone to work in your home. Before conducting a nanny background check, you should obtain prior written consent through a signed release from the job candidate.

Also, you must be careful not to discriminate against a candidate according to the law.

Ready? Here’s what you should check and what they can tell you.

Types of Nanny Background Checks

Driving Record

A Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) check is very important for any applicant. A DMV check reveals the driving history of the applicant and any alcohol or drug-related incidents.

Social Security

Check that the applicant’s Social Security number is assigned to that person and make sure they are not fraudulently using someone else’s number. In addition, a potential employer may verify the applicant’s current or prior addresses through the Social Security Administration.

Credit History

Demonstrates an applicant’s financial performance and allows you to judge their responsibility. According to the U.S. Fair Credit Report Act, if you use credit reporting as part of your background investigation, then you must provide the applicant with a copy and summary of their credit report if you reject them for employment.

Criminal Conviction

Shows an applicant’s criminal activity and helps you prevent negligent hiring. Check at the county, state, and federal levels.

Drug Testing

Presents any drug use by the applicant.

Personality Testing

Helps guide you in determining whether an applicant will be a good fit for your children and family, other household employees, or the senior they may have in their care.

Sex Offender/Child Abuse Registry

Lists any person charged with crimes involving children.

Professional Licensing

When a professional designation is required for your position, check whether the applicant possesses the necessary designation or certification.

Higher Education Verification

Confirm your applicant completed their courses of study or attained their degree as stated on their application.


Verify whether the applicant has a criminal history.

Employment References

Verify past employment locations and dates, as well as the accuracy of their work history.

Online and Social Media

Review your candidate’s public social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Conducting an online search for your candidate may also provide background information about your applicant.

Nanny Background Checks Services

GTM Payroll Services can help you screen candidates for your position by conducting a comprehensive background screening of your nanny including a Social Security check, credit check, driver’s license check, criminal conviction search, and drug testing. Learn more.

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